Babis said it is time to review some rules in NATO

Czech Prime Minister Andrei Babis, speaking about the importance of NATO, said that after 70 years of the alliance’s existence it was necessary to revise the agreement on its creation.

Babis said it is time to review some rules in NATO
“It is necessary that European states and its (NATO) Members declare that perhaps the time has come to talk about the treaty (on the creation of NATO), which was signed 70 years ago”,-  Babish told reporters after visiting the president of Czech Republic Milos Zeman at Prague Castle.

The prime minister said that he and the president have similar views on NATO, but it’s time to review some rules of the alliance after 70 years of its existence. Babis intends to raise this issue at a meeting of the European Council.
The Czech prime minister also recalled the recent statement by French President Emmanuel Macron that NATO is now in a state of “brain death”, noting that “NATO is an important alliance”.


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