U.S. Congress to continue open Trump impeachment hearing

The U.S. House Intelligence Committee will continue a series of open hearings on impeachment of President Donald Trump next week, committee chairman Adam Schiff said.

Schiff said in a statement on Twitter that a hearing with eight witnesses on the “Ukrainian case” is scheduled for next week. On Tuesday, testimony will be given by Assistant Vice President Jennifer Williams, an expert on Ukraine at the National Security Council, Alexander Widmen, former U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Walker, as well as Advisor to the President for Ukraine and Russia Tim Morrison. On Wednesday, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia and Ukraine Laura Cooper and US Under Secretary of State David Hale will appear before the congressmen. On Thursday, Trump’s former adviser on Russia to Fiona Hill.

On Wednesday this week, the first open hearing will be held as part of the impeachment process of trump with the acting US Ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor and US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State George Kent. Further on Friday, open testimony of former US ambassador to Ukraine Mary Jovanovic is planned.

Previously, all of the above former and current official representatives have already testified to congressmen, but in closed session.


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