The Foreign Ministry announced its readiness to receive the new US ambassador

Russia is ready to accept John Sullivan as the new US ambassador, as soon as he is appointed, there are no obstacles from Moscow, told  Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

“It depends on when it will be approved by the Senate of the whole,” he said, answering a question about the possible timing of Sullivan’s arrival in Moscow.

“The schedule of the Senate is not obvious to me, especially since the priorities there often change from the point of view of the agenda. There are no obstacles on the Russian side. If he arrives before the new year, he will be able to immediately begin to fulfill his duties”, –  Ryabkov said.
“According to our protocol practice, presenting copies of credentials allows the ambassador to immediately begin to work in full. So when he can, we will welcome him to Moscow”, –  the deputy minister added.

Sullivan’s candidacy is currently undergoing the approval process for the post of US ambassador to Russia. In the Department of State, he was responsible for negotiations with Russia on cooperation in the fight against terrorism.


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