Russia urged countries not to try to capitalize on crisis in Bolivia

Moscow calls on external players not to try to capitalize on the domestic political situation in Bolivia, the crisis must be resolved constitutionally.

This is stated by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

In the October 20 election, Bolivian President Evo Morales won the first round, but his main rival, Carlos Mesa, did not recognize the vote. On Sunday, the armed forces of Bolivia called on Morales to resign to ensure stability in the country, after which he announced his resignation. The entire top leadership of the country also resigned, the opposition was adopted by the vice-speaker of the Senate. Riots continue in Bolivia. The Prosecutor General’s Office reported seven dead during the protests, more than 100 people were detained.

“We would not want after such a dramatic turnaround, which occurred in a matter of days and hours and led to a complete reformatting of the political landscape in this country,  unrest  to continue”, –  Ryabkov said.

“Passion should not be given free rein, and this is especially true of external forces, which may still be tempted to extract some benefit for themselves, including geopolitical”, – he added.

The deputy minister believes that the consequences of what happened require reflection.

“We hope that the situation will gradually normalize and that processes will continue in Bolivia within the framework of the constitutional field, allowing this country to progressively develop”, –  Ryabkov emphasized.


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