In Crimea, told how many Ukrainians came to live on the peninsula

Since 2014, more than 50 thousand Ukrainian citizens have come to Crimea for permanent residence, 7 thousand have left Crimea for Ukraine, said the speaker of the Crimean parliament, Vladimir Konstantinov.

“They’re coming in more than they are leaving. The dynamics are obvious. Many Ukrainian citizens have relatives, friends, real estate that is not in danger”, –  said Aksyonov, answering a question from a journalist from the Italian newspaper “La Stampa” about how many Ukrainians come to the Crimea not only as tourists, but also for permanent residence.

A 26-member delegation of foreign journalists arrived on the peninsula on Tuesday. It included more than 20 journalists from Serbia, Italy, Slovakia, South Africa, France, Portugal, India, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Congo, Kenya and other countries. On Wednesday, they met with the head of the Crimea, Sergei Aksenov, and the head of the region’s parliament, Vladimir Konstantinov.

“Over 5 years, about 170 thousand people came to the Crimea in the Russian Federation (for permanent residence). Of these, more than 50 thousand came from Ukraine. 7 thousand left the Crimea and 80 thousand left to other regions of Russia”, –  Konstantinov specified. He added that at least a million tourists from Ukraine will visit Crimea this year.