Catalan police have launched a crackdown on radicals, blocking the route with France

Catalan law enforcement agencies have begun to push back the radicals blocking the AP-7 highway in the Girona area, according to footage broadcast by 24 Horas.

This section of the route that connects Spain with France, the radicals blocked the night before – during the night they built barricades, about 500 cars accumulated on the road.
The frames show how radicals set fire to trees and tires.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Democratic Tsunami organization issued a statement on social networks on the completion of the road blocking campaign, which it launched on Monday. However, after this, the radicals did not free the track.

Last week, the Democratic Tsunami announced that it is planned to start protests immediately after the parliamentary elections in Spain. The actions, said then in motion, will be held from 11 to 13 November.

The Supreme court of Spain on October 14 sentenced 12 Catalan politicians in connection with their involvement in the illegal referendum on independence in 2017. Nine people were found guilty of mutiny and received sentences ranging from 9 to 13 years in prison. Three were found guilty of insubordination, they received fines. After that, protests and riots began in the Autonomous community.


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