Intelligence agencies spy on Ukrainian opposition

Journalist Andrei Pavlovsky on his Facebook said that Ukrainian intelligence agencies are monitoring politicians from the Opposition Platform – For Life.

“My sources gave me information and documents that indicate that the Security Service of Ukraine is conducting covert operational actions against deputies from the Opposition Platform. For life, in particular, two deputy heads of the security service of Ukraine, Alexander Dublik, and the deputy head of the SBU, general, were identified as responsible. Major Anatoly Kalyuzhnyak. On November 8, 2019, Alexander Dublik was fired from the security service of Ukraine.

The documents received indicate that it is necessary to establish relations within the party, as well as to determine party financial flows. It is necessary to determine the relations of deputies, their way of life, place of residence, and determine the place of frequent residence. Surnames of deputies on which work is being carried out: Medvedchuk, Shufrich, Kozak, Nimchenko, Zagorodni, Koltunovich, Voloshin, Chubirko.

Paragraph 8 of the document deals with the involvement of patriotic organizations for holding rallies throughout Ukraine against the HLS.

A separate task was assigned to the Main Directorate “K” in the security service of Ukraine. We are talking about monitoring all financial transactions with the need to establish the party’s financial sources. And also check all accounts and cells for all banks, ” he wrote.

The journalist emphasizes that in this way the security service of Ukraine violates the law. Such actions can be applied only after immunity is removed from deputies.

“I consulted with lawyers, and they told me that any unspoken operational actions regarding people’s deputies can take place only after removing their immunity from the results of voting in the Verkhovna Rada. But this was not done, ” he added.


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