Warsaw desperately justifies US European politics – the EU is accused of disloyalty to Washington

If not for the United States, Europe could not have defeated the Nazis and saved itself from occupation.

This statement was made by the Head of the Polish government Mateusz Moravecki, commenting in an interview with The Financial Times on the words of the French President Emmanuel Macron about the “brain death” of the North Atlantic Alliance.

Demonstrating a strong commitment to American politics, Moravecki called NATO “a key alliance when it comes to preserving freedom and peace”. At the same time, he acknowledged the crisis that arose in the Western military bloc, but said that the problem was not in the destructive position of the American administration, but in disloyalty to Washington by European members of the alliance.

“The United States has always supported Europe. If it weren’t for the USA, Europe could not have freed itself from the Nazi occupation”, – the official said.

Taking the opportunity, he also criticized the EU in connection with the support of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline. Moravecki called the energy project “payment for Russian weapons and Russian defense at European expense”.

“It is very upsetting when this project has support from key European states”, – the Polish prime minister complained.

Moravecki added that Poland agreed to cooperate with a “peaceful and democratic” Russia, but at the same time he hastened to accuse Moscow of “hostility and aggression”. In this regard, he called on European allies “not to turn a blind eye to what happened in Ukraine, Belarus or Georgia”. At the same time, he did not specify what exactly he meant when talking about Belarus.

As News Front previously reported, Emmanuel Macron said there is no coordination between Washington and other members of the alliance in NATO when it comes to making strategic decisions. He compared this situation with a coma and a brain death.

It is noteworthy that criticism of Macron for these words marked the most loyal to the United States of Europe. So, in addition to Poland, the words of the French leader provoked ostentatious indignation among the authorities of Estonia and Lithuania. Estonian defense minister Jüri Luik said that Macron “re-dramatized” the situation, trying to draw attention to the idea of ​​strategic independence of Europe from the USA. Lithuanian President Gintaras Nauseda, in turn, hinted that Macron is trying to create institutions that aim to replace NATO.