Assad considers countries looting to be a historic role for the United States

The United States always seeks to loot other countries by taking away oil and “political rights” from them. This was stated in an interview with RT by the Syrian President Bashar Assad.

“Americans always strive to plunder other countries in one way or another, taking away not only oil, money and financial resources from them, but also rights – both political and all others. This is their historical role at least since the end of World War II”, – he said.

Speaking about recent allegations of US smuggling oil from Syria worth more than $ 30 million per month, he noted that there was nothing new here, that did not seem something strange or unrelated “to their previous policies”.

“Unless from time to time, US methods take on new forms. In this case, the looting of oil fields is the most egregious practical example of American policy, which is the appropriation of other people’s rights”, – the President added.

Assad said that the problem with the United States is that, in their opinion, they are waging a war for survival. The head of state also called the Syrian conflict a miniature model of the Third World War, which is being conducted indirectly.