Bolivian opposition blames Morales for crisis in country

Former Bolivian opposition President and leader Carlos Mesa, in an interview with EFE, held President Evo Morales responsible for resolving the country’s crisis and reiterated that dialogue does not make sense.

“We cannot take the responsibility of others, dialogue does not make sense. The President must make a decision”, – Mesa said, explaining his recent statement about refusing dialogue with Morales to resolve the crisis.

According to the ex-President, the blaming for the attempted coup attempt by Morales, that is expressed by the Opposition, is blocking the dialogue.

“A coup d’etat is not occuring and does not exist. We are experiencing popular democratic mobilization throughout the country, which aims to protect votes and restore democracy”, – Mesa added.

The opposition leader also said that he and his supporters do not have Plan B and hope that ongoing protests will force Morales to accept opposition demands for a second round of elections.

“Plan B is in the President’s hands, although the window of opportunity is getting smaller. Maybe tomorrow he will have no room for maneuver”, – Mesa said.

Lately, the army and police of Bolivia refused to act against protesting residents of the country, in a number of cities, police joined the demonstrators, demanding an increase in salaries and pensions.

During the three weeks of protests after the victory of Morales in the presidential election, 383 people suffered, about 200 people were detained, 40 cases of vandalism were opened.


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