Afghanistan declares victory over the ISIS* in the country

Acting Minister of Internal Affairs of Afghanistan Masoud Andarabi (Massoud Andarabi) said that the terrorist group ISIS* was defeated in the country, 1TV channel reports.

Afghanistan declares victory over the ISIS* in the country

“The Islamic State*, or Daesh* group, was defeated in Afghanistan”, – the channel reports referring to Andarabi.

Andarabi declared the defeat of the terrorists, speaking at a ceremony in the eastern Afghan province of Nangarhar, where he appointed the new Head of the police. It was there, the channel notes, in 2014, the militants of the group first appeared and founded their stronghold. In January 2015, ISIS* announced the creation of its unit in Afghanistan. Since then, militants have carried out attacks on civilians and military personnel.

In the same place, Andarabi noted that the small cells of the ISIS* continue to surrender to the Afghan government forces, and those terrorists who are trying to move to other provinces will be destroyed as part of the operations of the security forces.

According to the acting Heads of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Afghanistan, local residents, having prevented the consolidation of the positions of ISIS* in Nangarhar, proved that they would not allow a single “foreign network” to strengthen in the province.

The France Press Agency also conveys the words of Andarabi, who told the reporters that the terrorists “were defeated in Nangarhar and their centers were destroyed”. Then he added that ISIS* was “completely destroyed” in Afghanistan, and assured that the armed forces would soon “destroy their last centers”.

In Afghanistan, there is a confrontation between government forces and the militants of the radical Taliban movement, which had previously captured a significant territory in rural areas of the country and launched an attack on large cities. On the territory of the country, the influence of the terrorist group ISIS* increased. Afghan National Defense and Security Forces are conducting joint counter-terrorism operations across the country.
*  – terrorist organization banned in Russia


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