Amid the distribution of the film “And then we danced” in Georgia, the furious nationalists staged large-scale riots in the center of Tbilisi.

As News Front previously reported, nationalists have dubbed the film gay propaganda. They were outraged that the authors of the film made a Georgian man homosexual.

As local media report today, the protest near the capital’s Amirani cinema has grown into a confrontation between right-wing radicals and security forces. During the incident, a girl was wounded on her way to showing the film. A stone was thrown at her head. She is now hospitalized. During the demonstration, the nationalists chanted “Shame” and even burned the rainbow flag of the LGBT people. Then the radicals tried to storm the cinema.

The film by Levan Akin is dedicated to the dancer Merab, who fell in love with his rival Heraclius. From November 8 to 10, they plan to show the picture in all cinemas in Tbilisi and Batumi.

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