Volcker could not find a replacement in Washington – the State Department will abolish the post of special representative for Ukraine

The Ukrainian-American political scandal has led to the fact that there are no people wishing to work in the Ukrainian direction, and therefore the post of special representative of the US State Department for Ukraine will be liquidated.

This was reported by the publication “Foreign Policy”, citing sources in the US administration.

This step clearly demonstrates that the situation with the impeachment of Donald Trump, the corrupt past of the Biden family and the interference of Kiev officials in the US presidential election will leave a noticeable mark on American politics. Moreover, the publication notes that in this way Washington actually leaves Vladimir Zelensky without “cover” from the United States in the midst of the Donbass settlement process.

The problem is that work in the Ukrainian direction has become “dangerous” for American officials, so it is not possible to find a replacement for Kurt Volker. In this regard, as noted by the sources of the publication, the post of special representative for Ukraine, most likely, will be eliminated.