“The coup has just begun … impeachment will follow. We will get rid of Trump and his supporters ”

With these words, the lawyer of the Democratic Party Mark Zeid expressed his thoughts in 2017. Now he represents the very “anonymous” whistleblower from the CIA, whose denunciation served as the beginning of the scandal with the Ukrainogate.

This Complainant, whose name is now widely known, ex-PR Democrats and an employee of the Obama administration now flatly refuses to give any testimony in Congress. It is clear why: after all, he will have to somehow justify his political bias, which is almost impossible to do.

In the meantime, Democrats are preparing for the first public hearing as part of the impeachment investigation. Before the hearing, they finally published the testimony of William Taylor, US Special Representative for Ukraine. He is considered the “golden witness” of the Democrats – the one that certainly should prove Trump’s guilt.

As you might expect, Taylor was not present during Trump and Zelensky’s call. He did not hear anything at first hand about the need for an investigation into Biden and Burisma Holdings.

All Taylor knew was some snatches snatched from conversations with the US ambassador in Brussels, Gordon Sondland and the ambassador in Kiev, Mary Jovanovic. According to them, Taylor made a personal opinion that Trump, of course, committed a crime, and then retold it in Congress.

No less than Taylor distinguished himself and Ambassador Jovanovic. During the testimony, she stated that she had not previously discussed the history of Ukraygate with anyone. However, the letters she published later show that she had close contact with the Democratic lawyers in anticipation of the scandal. Following the same pattern as the CIA complainant Eric Chiaramella.

At the same time, Republicans in the Senate launched their own investigation into Burisma Holdings. They are interested in the lobbying activities of the Ukrainian company in Washington: in particular, the results of negotiations with representatives of the State Department and the White House in 2016, organized with the participation of Hunter Biden.


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