Moldavian political crisis: socialists ready to dissolve the Cabinet, at the Prime Minister announced the “Maidan”

On Friday, November 8, large-scale negotiations are taking place in Moldova against the background of the scandalous decision of the Prime Minister and leader of the pro-Western “ACUM” bloc, Maya Sandu, to single-handedly present candidates for the post of Prosecutor General.

In the morning, negotiations began between the Partyof Socialists and Maya Sandu in the parliament building. Representatives of the PSRM advocate for the preservation of the ruling coalition, but insist on abandoning the dubious “reform.” The situation is complicated by the fact that Sandu took the decision under the responsibility of her government. Thus, in order to cancel it, the parliament will be forced to vote for a vote of no confidence in the Cabinet of Ministers with its further dissolution. PSRM deputy Vasily Bola emphasized that the socialists are ready to take this step if a compromise is not found.

In turn, the representative of the ACUM bloc, Dan Perchun, said that the Maya Sandu government did not intend to retreat. He rated the prospect of a vote of no confidence at 50%.

“We clearly spoke out that we would not step back a single step. The main thing for us is the reform of justice and if the Sandu government is dissolved, so be it, ”said the deputy.

Meanwhile, his colleague, Dumitru Alaiba, is already circulating on social media appeals for mass protests in Chisinau in support of the pro-Western Sandu government. “For many years we held anti-government protests. It is time to speak in support of him, ”said the deputy.

The rally will take place today at 14:30 local time [15:30 Moscow time] near the building of the Parliament of Moldova.

As News Front previously reported, Moldovan President Igor Dodon said that negotiations will end by the afternoon, and at 15:00 the Moldovan authorities will decide on the situation. At the same time, he emphasized that the probability of a vote of no confidence in the government is extremely high.


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