“Make sanctions ineffective”. In the Bundestag will protect the “Nord Stream – 2”

Bundestag deputies from the “Alternative for Germany” party called on the country’s authorities to assist European companies involved in the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project due to US sanctions.

It is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the party appeal.

The parliamentarians called the project “an indispensable element of energy supply in Germany,” emphasizing that its implementation primarily serves the interests of Germany and Europe.

“Any delay in putting Nord Stream 2 into operation threatens Germany’s energy supply and should be avoided. The federal government should, together with other European countries, prepare measures that will make sanctions ineffective”, –  the document says.

AfG members also called on the government to reserve funds from the German Development Bank in case of increased costs and expenses for the construction of the pipeline and infrastructure.

The pipeline, worth 9.5 billion euros, includes the construction of two gas lines from the Russian coast through the Baltic Sea to Germany.

Denmark at the end of October allowed the construction of a gas pipeline southeast of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea. The day before, the project was approved in Berlin, Stockholm and Helsinki.

Opponents of the implementation of this project are representatives of Kiev. Due to Nord Stream 2, Ukrainian authorities fear losing revenue from Russian gas transit.

In addition, the United States, promoting its liquefied natural gas in the EU, and a number of European countries, including Poland, Latvia and Lithuania, spoke negatively in relation to Nord Stream 2. In Germany, they have repeatedly said that they consider the highway as a commercial project. Actively support the construction of the gas pipeline in Norway and Austria.


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