Ten people die in Iraq per day due to protests

Ten people have died in Iraq, covered by anti-government demonstrations in the past 24 hours, including four ambulance officers, a source in the country’s security services told RIA Novosti on Thursday.

Ten people die in Iraq per day due to protests

“Ten people have died in the past 24 hours in Iraq, including four ambulance employees”, – the source said. According to him, seven died during demonstrations in Tahrir Square.

The protesters during the protests since the beginning of October demand the resignation of the government, the fight against corruption, unemployment, and better living conditions. The Prime Minister of Iraq before the resumption of demonstrations announced plans to carry out rearrangements in the Cabinet and change the law on elections. However, he said that the resignation of the entire government would plunge the country into chaos. Earlier, the authorities made a reshuffle in the leadership of the provincial security agencies, where protests erupted. 


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