Soros’s protege tries to destroy the ruling coalition of Moldova

The resonant situation with the plans of Prime Minister Maya Sandu to single-handedly choose candidates for the post of Prosecutor General led to an escalation of tension in the coalition of the ACUM bloc and the Socialist Party.

At the same time, the Minister of Justice of Moldova and the former employee of the Soros Foundation Olesia Stamate only incites the parties to a split.

She stated that justice reform was one of the tasks of the “atypical coalition” between the pro-Western ACUM bloc and the Party of Socialists.

“If it [the reform] is not possible, the continued existence of the coalition is also impossible”, – says Stamate.

It is worth noting that it was Olesya Stamate who sabotaged the approval of the results of the competition for the post of Attorney General, discrediting the commission created under her own office. Now, the Head of the pro-Western government, Maya Sandu, wants to personally select candidates. Moreover, the decision was made under the responsibility of the Cabinet of Ministers, which means that it can only be canceled through a vote of no confidence in the government.

As News Front previously reported, the President, Prime Minister and the Speaker of the Moldovan Parliament have already held negotiations on this issue. Igor Dodon insists on abandoning the dubious initiative and dismissing Justice Minister Olesya Stamate. At the same time, the ACUM block will have the opportunity to choose a new minister, and the competition for the post of general prosecutor will be restarted. It is noteworthy that the Moldavians have long demanded the resignation of Stamata in the corresponding petition, accusing her of incompetence.


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