Russia and Syria called on the world community to oblige the United States to withdraw troops

Russia and Syria urge the world community to oblige the United States to withdraw its troops from the SAR and liberate the illegally occupied Syrian territories, according to a joint statement on the humanitarian situation in Syria and problems hindering the implementation of the initiative to evacuate refugees from the “Rukban” camp.

“It is the illegal presence of the United States and its allies in the territory of a sovereign state that opposes the restoration of control of the legitimate government over the entire territory of the country, is the main destabilizing factor on the path to the revival of Syria. We call on the entire world community to put pressure on the United States, which continues to violate international law by its presence on illegally occupied Syrian territories, and oblige them to completely withdraw troops from sovereign Syria”,  – the statement said.

It is noted that in southern Syria, the United States continues to hold the illegally occupied 55-kilometer zone around Mount Tanf and prevent the dissolution of the Rukban refugee camp. At the same time, due to the unwillingness of the United States to give security guarantees in the occupied territory in the  Al-Tanf area, the implementation of the UN plan for the evacuation of camp residents was suspended.

In addition, the United States continues to declare the need for regular delivery of humanitarian supplies to the camp. “It all comes down to the desire of the United States to provide, at the expense of the United Nations, food and necessities of controlled militants”, –  the statement emphasizes.

Earlier, the leaders of the interdepartmental coordination headquarters of the Russian Federation and Syria reported that the United States foiled a plan to remove Syrian citizens from the territory of the Rukban refugee camp. According to the UN plan supported by Damascus, from five to two thousand people were to leave the refugee camp for five days. However, on September 29, at the checkpoint “Dzhleb” instead of more than 2 thousand Syrian citizens were only 336 people.