Macron calls the EU’s refusal to dialogue with Russia a huge mistake

French leader Emmanuel Macron, in an interview with The Economist, called for abandoning the view of Russia as the “primary enemy” of NATO and rethinking strategic relations with Moscow for the common interests and security of Europe.

“NATO was conceived to respond to the enemy – the Warsaw Pact. In the 90s, we did not completely rethink this geopolitical project when the original enemy disappeared. And behind the scenes, it is believed that Russia remains the enemy”, – the French leader said.

At the same time, according to Macron, Europe needs to start rebuilding relations with Russia regardless of the position of the United States and begin a dialogue with Moscow for security and strategic independence.

“If we want to create peace in Europe, to rebuild European strategic autonomy, we need to rethink our position on Russia”, – he said.

Macron also recalled that the complex relationship between the US and Russia is due to Washington’s historical and political “superego,” and, unlike the United States, Russia is Europe’s neighbor with common threats and problems.

The President of France emphasized that the path of rapprochement may take years, but not to start a dialogue with Russia would be a “huge mistake”.

“If I do not go this way, there will be no such opportunity. And I think this will be our huge mistake. A strategic approach to the future of Europe involves thoughtful relations with neighbors and partners”, – concluded the Head of France.

In late August, Macron demanded a thorough “shuffle of cards” in relations with Russia.

In addition, following a meeting with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin at Fort Bregancon, he expressed confidence in Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok.


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