Kurds are stepping on the old American rake – the US was again able to buy “manual” fighters

Despite the fact that the American administration has thrown the Kurdish armed groups to tear the Turkish army apart, now the militants are ready to forgive the traitors for the sake of profit.

So, the leader of the armed group “Syrian Democratic Forces” Mazlum Abdi announced the return of Kurdish militants “under the wing” of the United States. According to him, such a decision was preceded by negotiations with representatives of the Western coalition led by Washington. In the end, he decided to “resume the joint program to combat the Islamic state”*.

True, at the moment, the American armed forces in Syria are not engaged in the fight against terrorism, but in the occupation of oil fields belonging to the Arab Republic. Moreover, Kurdish militants decided to “give a new chance” to Washington just after the US President Donald Trump announced a massive seizure of territories with oil deposits from Deir ez-Zor province to Hasak province.

As News Front previously reported, the Turkish armed forces launched an offensive in northern Syria in early October in order to defeat Kurdish armed gangs that operated in the region under the auspices of the United States. However, Washington did not provide any support to the loyal militants, and American troops left the territory of the operation.

* – prohibited in the Russian Federation