Erdogan threatenes the EU with opening of borders for refugees again

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan once more warned that his country would open borders with European countries for refugees if it does not receive sufficient support from the EU.

“Whether help comes or not, we will help our guests. But to a certain extent. We may find ourselves in a situation where we open the borders. I have already talked about this. We have developed a large project to help the Syrians. But we cannot deal with this single task”, – Erdogan said at the Press conference during his visit to Hungary. Broadcast was conducted by NTV.

Erdogan noted that he expects EU assistance in arranging refugees on the territory of Syria that came under Turkish control during the Source of Peace operation.

“You support us, and we will build everything we need there. Let us implement this project together and let people return to their homeland. We are ready for such work”, – the Turkish president added.


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