DPR notifies the OSCE of its readiness to start the force withdrawal in Petrovskoye area

DPR Representatives handed over a notification of readiness for troop withdrawal in the Petrovskoye area to the OSCE.

Ruslan Yakubov, the Head of the Representative Office of the self-proclaimed republic in the Joint Center for the Control of the Coordination of the Ceasefire Regime (JCCC), said that People’s Militia could begin “to carry out practical measures” in the previously designated area.

Donetsk is just waiting for the appropriate permission from the contact group. A new withdrawal attempt is scheduled for November 9th. If a day earlier all the participants confirm the date, DPR will launch a white flare, indicating readiness for the process at 13:00 Moscow time again.

Yakubov added that so far there was no official information from Kiev about the intention to agree on the date of the synchronous allotment.

The previous withdrawalwas to take place on November 4, but the Ukrainian side accused the militias of shelling. The  DPR, in turn, said that the enemy was sabotaging the process.


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