ACUM sets up political crisis in Moldova: President, Prime Minister and Speaker of Parliament hold talks

Once again, the Moldovan Political Council is in an unpleasant situation in connection with the resonant plans of the Head of the pro-Western government, Maya Sandu, to almost exclusively appoint the Prosecutor general.

So, the Prime Minister intends to amend the law “On the Prosecutor’s office”. Moreover, she stated that the government was taking responsibility for such a decision. This means that the Parliament can refuse to accept amendments only by announcing a vote of no confidence in the government within 3 days. Otherwise, the amendments enter into force automatically, and Sandu gets the opportunity to choose the candidates she pleases for the post of Prosecutor General and provide them to the High Council of Prosecutors.

Against this background, Moldovan President Igor Dodon, Prime Minister Maya Sandu and Parliament Speaker Zinaida Greceanii held negotiations. Dodon noted that Sandu should have discussed her decision with coalition partners. He insists on abandoning the dubious initiative and dismissing Olesya Stamate as Minister of Justice. At the same time, the ACUM block will have the opportunity to choose a new minister, and the competition for the post of General Prosecutor will be restarted.

Otherwise, according to the President, the government can indeed resign. The socialists will discuss the corresponding decision at the nearest republican council.

Following the talks, Dodon noted that the dialogue was constructive, although he did not talk about what Sandu’s response was, noting that this would be incorrect. At the same time, he emphasized that Grechany shared with him the view that the government’s decision was wrong.


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