Plahotniuc “evacuates” the most loyal deputies from the Democratic Party of Moldova to create a new party

Ten deputies of the Democratic Party of Moldova, to please its former leader and fugitive oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, will leave the political formation.

This was reported by the publication “Tribuna”, citing reliable sources.

According to reports, Evgeny Nichiforchuk, Vladimir Vitiuk, Eleanor Graur, Violetta Ivanov, Ruxanda Glavan, Konstantin Botnar intend to leave the Democratic Party.

The source of the publication explained this by the fact that Plahotniuc is trying to weaken the position of the new Democratic Party of Moldova leader Pavel Filip, who “does not want to play games” of the oligarch who escaped after a failed coup attempt.

“In fact, the goal of these deputies is to weaken the position of the current leadership of the Democratic Party of Moldova, because the team of Pavel Filip does not want to play Vlad Plahotniuc’s games. At the next stage, this group will follow the path of creating a new political force that will ensure the return of Vlad Plahotniuc to the politics of the Republic of Moldova”, – the source said.


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