Migrants in Bosnia: “They Are Everywhere”

In the Bosnian border town of Bihac, the migration situation is deteriorating sharply.

According to Mayor Šuhret Fazlić, 90 percent of migrants living in Bosnia and Herzegovina live in a city with a population of 61,000. According to official figures, this number is 10,000 people. But how many of them are actually, it is currently difficult to answer for sure.

“They are everywhere”, – complains the 20-year-old Bosnian to the German publication Junge Freiheit. This year was “extreme” for the city, when thousands of migrants camped in Bihac and its environs. Their number has increased significantly. The refugee reception center is crowded.

“In the meantime, I no longer feel safe here”, – says a resident of the city. Her three friends standing next to her agree with her.

Every day, young women are abused, sexually assaulted, and immoral by immigrants, mainly from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

“It’s about rape, but out of shame no one talks about it.”