European values put on the line to please the elites – how the truth about the resonant plane crash was hidden from society

Human rights, objectivity and integrity of the media are those aspects that Europeans are so proud of when they talk about their values. However, a scandalous story loomed over these canons, which was overgrown with the tragic plane crash that occurred on March 24, 2015.

Then in the Alps crashed the passenger Airbus A320-211 of the Germanwings company. The Paris Bureau of the European Aviation Safety Agency shortly after the crash released a report, blaming the co-pilot Andreas Lubitz. And the “unbiased” press, spitting on the presumption of innocence, turned him into a psychopath who decided to commit suicide and ruin the lives of passengers.

At the same time, both experts and journalists, making conclusions, ignored the fact of technical malfunctions, which are even mentioned in the report of the aviation security agency. Now in Germany there are people who are seeking a more detailed investigation of the incident. If this succeeds, it will be a disaster for the country’s largest media outlets, airlines, lawyers and even officials. The German edition of News Front spoke with human rights activist Nadia M., who right now confronts an impressive number of influential people involved in the scandal, seeking justice.

– The final report of the plane crash investigation commission showed that the co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, who decided to commit suicide, deliberately and plannedly crashed the plane while he was alone in the cockpit. In your crash study, you say that a technical malfunction is the cause of the crash. What are your conclusions based on?

– The plane took off. According to the radar, the aircraft had problems climbing, it lost altitude. When the airbus rose to a height of 38 thousand feet [11.6 km], “rattling sounds” were heard, as mentioned in the Bureau of Investigation and Safety Analysis of Civil Aviation’s report. Airplane captain Patrick Sondenheimer is probably why he went to the back of the old airbus to check what sounds were in the tail section. When the cabin pressurization “bursts”, air conditioning throughout the cabin of the airbus fails. This is about pressure drop and decompression. Everyone immediately lost consciousness or were even dead. The expert of the Finnish Transport Safety Agency Pekka Henttu also confirms the unconscious state of the pilots. According to the investigation, the aircraft at this time was losing altitude and was left without radio communications. In an article written by Russian experts in April 2015, Lubitz’s agony was even described. He sat in the cockpit, struggled with powerlessness, wanted to save the plane, but in vain. Shortly before the collision, he again lost consciousness. Thus it becomes clear that Lubitz did not want to die. Also, the statement recently made at Lufthansa, namely that the victims were not afraid of death, is dubious. If the catastrophe scenario were just that, they would have to fear until the very end.

– Could it be that during the investigation mistakes and omissions were made?

– A striking statement of the fact of the pilot’s suicide is striking here. Technical problems were eliminated very quickly, although the aircraft previously had technical defects, even several days and weeks before the crash, it was constantly being repaired. Even the BEA’s final report talked about extraneous noise whose origin was not further investigated. In addition, I admire the phrase that Mr. Lubitz closed the cabin door. According to the investigation, at 09:34:31 a signal was heard asking them to enter the cockpit. If the door had actually been manually closed, this sound would not have been heard. In addition, the emergency call sent by the airbus was transmitted to the leading media. This was checked by the French Ministry of Transport one day later. In this regard, the suspicion was confirmed that they simply wanted to see the co-pilot as guilty. Also, the start and fall time of the aircraft was fixed. There are also discrepancies with the localization of the crash zone. Phones and mobile cards were seized. So there was a suspicion of concealment.

– Do you think that the media is biased and easily supports the version that suits the management of Lufthansa [the largest aviation concern in Europe, which also owns Germanwings], and maybe Germany?

– In any case, Lufthansa would inflict enormous damage on her image if a technical malfunction were detected. The worst experience I’ve ever had is a letter from the Federal Transportation Administration. They presented me to Mr. Lubitz in such a way that he seemed very scary and anxious. In addition, they did not hesitate to send me his diary entries from 2009 erroneously dated 2015. Here I quickly got the impression that I had to believe that he was sick. Everything looked like a manipulation. In the end, we were all manipulated. That is why this headline is repeated over and over in the leading media to this day. The fact that the plane crashed, based on technical problems, was rejected in government circles without explanation. Apparently, they don’t want to see another crash scenario here.

– If we consider the cause of the accident as a technical malfunction, can we even talk about the unreliability of the airbus?

– The plane was 24 years old, it was often repaired. According to Austrian Wings, the aircraft was described by pilots as “unpopular” and “most often visited the earth”. I have the report itself that the Airbus A320 will be equipped with wheels from Airbus Industries, because it is “out of date”.  This was not an accident. Even a week before the accident, he again appeared on the ground due to a faulty control relay.

– Can the public influence the objectivity of the investigation?

– I think that in the first place we should talk about relatives. They deserve to know the truth about how their loved ones died. Regardless of any compensation payments. They should demand new investigations and insist that all outstanding issues be resolved. For this reason, I myself filed a complaint with the UN Security Council that Mr Lubitz should no longer issue medical records. Perhaps now finally the truthful information about the aircraft will be covered not only from the lips of the defenseless co-pilot.