Moldovan pro-European bloc splits up over issue of cooperation with socialists

Andrei Năstase, who lost the elections as the mayor’s mayor of the Moldovan capital, speaking on behalf of the pro-Western “ACUM” bloc, defiantly refused an alliance with the Party of Socialists in the Chisinau Municipal Council, which provoked an internal party split.

Assessing the words of the politician, the representative of the Action and Solidarity party Radu Marian said that Năstase did not coordinate his statements with his colleagues in the bloc.

“This position was not coordinated with the Action and Solidarity Party. Our colleagues from the territorial organization in Chisinau discuss, analyze all decisions. Perhaps Mr. Nastase made a statement from the platform “Dignity and Truth,” Marian said.

The pro-Western “ACUM” bloc, which is now in the ruling coalition together with the Party of Socialists, consists of the parties “Action and Solidarity” by Maya Sandu and “Dignity and Truth” by Andrei Nastase himself. At the same time, it was repeatedly stated in expert circles that Sandu sees in a partner in the block of a competitor, therefore, undermines his position in every way.


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