Trump’s impeachment: the White House sees no reason for the procedure

The White House insists that in the telephone conversation between the Presidents of the United States and Ukraine there was no talk of a delay in military assistance that Ukraine nevertheless received.

The appeal of the US President Donald Trump to Ukraine to investigate the activities of Hunter Biden, the son of Joe Biden, Trump’s main rival in the upcoming elections, does not make grounds for impeachment. This is believed in the White House, Voice of America reports on Monday, November 4.

“Nothing here could be a serious crime or misconduct”, – said Trump’s Senior aide Kellianne Conway, referring to the grounds of president impeachment mentioned in the US constitution.

At the same time, Conway said that she did not know whether Trump demanded that Kiev investigate the activities of Joe Biden and his son Hunter  in exchange for unblocking military assistance to Ukraine.

“Let’s be honest, what was not mentioned there (in the telephone conversation between the two leaders – ed.) is the delay in assistance. They received this aid”, – Conway emphasized.

The Senior White House host assistant also noted that Trump has “great confidence” in the US intelligence community. But she refused to clarify whether Trump believes the intelligence findings that it was Moscow, not Kiev, that interfered in the US elections in 2016 to help him defeat Hillary Clinton.

On October 31, the US House of Representatives adopted a resolution in support of the impeachment procedure for Trump. The document instructs the relevant committees to continue investigations on whether there are facts for impeachment of the Head of state. In practice, the proceedings began at the end of September.


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