Russia recorded 19 ceasefire violations in Syria per day

Russia within the framework of the work of the armistice commission in Syria per day recorded 19 cases of ceasefire violation, Turkey – 18, according to the newsletter on the website of the Russian Defense Ministry.

“The Russian part of the representative office of the joint Russian-Turkish commission to consider issues related to violations of the cessation of hostilities recorded 19 facts of firing in the provinces: Idlib – 4, Aleppo – 4, Latakia – 7, Hama – 4. The Turkish part of the mission recorded 18 facts of the opening of fire in the provinces: Idlib – 4, Latakia – 6, Hama – 4, Aleppo – 4”, – the report said.

It is reported that during the day the center for reconciliation of warring parties and the control of the movement of refugees carried out two humanitarian actions. In the village of Ayn Issa of the province of Al-Quneitra and in the village of Shamiyat-Al-Muhailib of the province of Latakia, 500 food sets were given to the residents.


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