German journalist accuses Nord Stream-2 of escalating European migration crisis in absentia

Representatives of the German leadership have long ago made it clear that they hadn’t considered the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline a political project or, even more so, a threat. However, against the backdrop of the completion of the construction, a new theory of “danger”, which is allegedly being carried by Nord Stream-2, appeared.

As journalist Conrad Schuller said in a publication for the German Frankfurter Allgemeine edition, the Russian gas pipeline could lead to an escalation of the migration crisis in the EU countries. It implies migrants from Ukraine. Claiming that the war in Donbass allegedly unfolded through the fault of Russia, the author claims that Moscow, after the launch of Nord Stream-2, “could launch military operations [in Ukraine] without fear of losing export channels”.

“This war has already forced millions to leave homes. In the case of a new escalation of the conflict, millions more will appear on the border with the European Union”, – Schuller says.

It is worth noting that Ukrainians who ended up in Europe did not flee from the armed conflict that unfolded only in the territory of Donbass. They escaped from the total crisis and poverty that the country faced after the coup d’état of 2013-2014. Moreover, directly from the war, arranged by Kiev, most of the people flee to Russia.


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