More than 1.4 thousand refugees come back to Syria in 24 hours

Almost 740 people came back from Lebanon to Syria in a day, more than 700 people arrived from Jordan, follows from the newsletter of the refugee reception, distribution and accommodation center, published on the website of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

“Over the past day, 1,443 refugees came back to the SAR from the territories of foreign states, including: from Lebanon through the checkpoints Jade-Yabus, Tell-Kalah – 737 people (222 women, 375 children); from Jordan via the Nasib checkpoint – 706 people (212 women, 360 children)”, – the report said.

It is reported that three refugees returned to places of permanent residence within the country within 24 hours.

Also, the engineering units of the Syrian armed forces completed the tasks of clearing the terrain and facilities in El Harra, Jasim (province of Deraa) and the Duma (province of Damascus) in a day. Specialists cleared 2.4 hectares of land, discovered and destroyed 33 explosive objects.


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