Hong Kong Maydans terrorize the city under the American anthem

Another wave of anti-government protests swept Hong Kong. Protesters staged riots on the streets of the city, and law enforcement officers have already launched tear gas to disperse the demonstrators.

The main place of protests was Victoria Park and its environs, where, according to tradition, thousands of Maidan riders, dressed in black and with masks on their faces, gathered.

Radicals pull together metal structures for the construction of barricades. At the same time, other protesters sing American and British hymns, while chanting the demands for independence of the administrative region of China.

As News Front previously reported, protests in Hong Kong began with demonstrators protesting against a bill that allowed local authorities to extradite offenders in violation of Chinese law to Beijing. However, the authorities removed the consideration of the bill from the agenda, which did not contribute to resolving the situation.


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