Iraq: The biggest protest since the overthrow of Saddam

Thousands of Iraqis gathered in central Baghdad on Friday demanding the resignation of the political elite. It is expected that this action will be the biggest day of mass anti-government demonstrations after the fall of the rule of Saddam Hussein.

Protests in which 250 people have died over the past month have sharpened sharply in recent days, attracting huge crowds of people from various religious and ethnic groups in Iraq. The protesters ’main goal is to overthrow the political parties in power since 2003.

Thousands of people camped in the central Tagrir Square in Baghdad, and thousands more join them in the afternoon. Friday, Muslim Prayer Day, is expected to bring together the largest number of people, many of whom will take to the streets after the service.

According to police and hospital sources, more than 50 people were injured during the night and morning on Friday. By noon, hundreds of people walked into the square from the side streets, condemning the elites, whom they consider to be deeply corrupt and guilty of all troubles, including poverty.