Through the efforts of nationalists, the inteligence services will deal with the “legality” of the Rige liberation from the German occupiers

The anniversary of the liberation of the Latvian capital from Nazi Nazis was overshadowed by the denunciation of local deputies from the nationalist faction to the State Security Service. Parliamentarians doubted the legality of this action and accused the participants of the festivities of the inadmissible “permissiveness”.

This was told by the head of the faction of the National Association Dainis Locis.

The celebration took place on October 13th. At the same time, nationalists claim that the liberation of Riga from the Nazi invaders allegedly entailed another “occupation”. Therefore, the deputies consider the celebration of the liberation of the city “a threat to national security.” At the same time, the National Association was most indignant at the fact of the participation of children in festive events.

“Such actions, in my opinion, form the impression of permissiveness in people who do not show loyalty to our country. Thus, their number becomes larger, ”commented Lotsis, complaining about the use of the Soviet military uniform in celebrations.

The stay of the republic within the Soviet Union by modern nationalists is considered to be a “period of occupation”. Such a policy is based primarily on Russophobia. At the same time, the memory of collaborators who collaborated with Hitler is freely honored in Latvia. Events all over the country are held annually in honor of the militants of the Latvian Legion “Waffen SS”.


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