The Maidan era in Ukraine turned into the growth of the economy of neighboring Poland

The total decline that overtook Ukraine after the 2014 coup d’etat made many people flee to Poland to earn money, whose economy grew by 22%.

This was reported by the Polish publication “Rzeczpospolita”, citing official statistics on employment and analysis of experts who also took into account the indicator of economic activity and statistics on the departure of Poles abroad in search of better earnings.

So, since 2013, the number of employees in Poland has grown by 900 thousand. At the same time, analysts say that in fact the number of workers should be 2 times more, taking into account the Poles who left the country.

At the same time, rapid economic growth was observed, which can be explained either by an unlikely increase in work productivity or an increase in the number of labor migrants. And taking into account how many Ukrainians have arrived in Poland in recent years with the aim of finding employment in Poland, experts have come to the conclusion that it was the people of Zarabot who secured the country’s economic achievements.

Against this background, the publication lamented that Warsaw was not doing enough to keep Ukrainians in Poland for a long time.


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