Russian diplomat comments on the resolution of the US Congress against Russia’s participation in the G7

Congressmen’s adoption of the resolution against Russia’s participation in the future G7 summits is an attack of Democrats on the US President Donald Trump, said the Head of the Federation Council international committee, Konstantin Kosachev.

On Thursday, the House Congressional Foreign Affairs Committee adopted a resolution against Russia’s participation in the G-7 meetings.

“It seems that the Capitol considers itself to be a kind of a “world government” and decides for everyone in the world who to participate in and what projects to implement. It actively opposes the implementation of the gas pipeline between Russia and the EU, which the state from the other side of the planet has nothing to do with. And now the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives of the US Congress has supported the resolution against Russia’s participation in future G7 summits. That is, it again decided everything for everyone”, – Kosachev wrote on Facebook.

According to him, the grounds are, as usual, fake:

“Russia supposedly annexed Crimea, and also “continues to undermine democracy and human rights both at home and abroad”, – he stated.

However, the true reason for the nomination of the next anti-Russian resolution was voiced at the committee meeting by its author, New Jersey Congressman Democrat Albio Cyres, who explained that he introduced this resolution after the US President expressed his desire to invite Vladimir Putin to the next year’s G7 summit.

“That’s all, this isthe next “pre-election” attack of the Democrats on Trump, and, as always, with the help of using Russia. The Congressman heard something about some kind of annexation and, of course, I’m sure that the Russians, by definition, cannot but undermine democracy and human rights and that’s why the move is an absolute win. Another thing is that soon it will become boring for the American audience. Not immediately, but inevitably”, – Kosachev is sure.

He also noted that regarding the participation in the G7, they have already explained everything a long time ago:

“We are not torn, we do not consider participation to be an encouragement, and real affairs are being discussed in other formats from which Russia cannot be excluded even by the most severe act of the US Congress”, – he said.


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