More than 850 refugees from Jordan and Lebanon come back to Syria in 24 hours

Over 850 Syrian refugees returned to Syria from the territories of foreign countries over the past day, according to the newsletter of the Russian center for the reconciliation of warring parties and the control of the movement of refugees.

“Over the past day, 864 refugees came back to the Syrian Arab Republic from the territories of foreign states, including 185 from Lebanon through Jade-Yabus, Tell-Kalah checkpoints  (women – 55, children – 95), 679 people from Jordan (204 women, 346 children) through the Nasib checkpoint”, – the statement said.

Also, one Syrian returned to the places of permanent residence within the country.

According to the center, the engineering units of the Syrian Armed Forces have cleared 2.3 hectares of territory per day. In addition, experts have destroyed 18 explosive objects.

It is added that six residential buildings, a kindergarten and a bakery have been restored per day.

In Syria, the armed conflict has been ongoing since 2011. Russia, Iran, Turkey, which are the guarantors of the ceasefire, have actively joined the settlement. During this time, Syria managed to almost completely defeat the terrorists, begin a political settlement, return refugees and restore the infrastructure destroyed by the war. A constitutional committee which included the opposition was created. The first meeting of the committee was held on October 30 in Geneva.