Atmosphere of terror, murder and intimidation – Syrians talk about the horrors of the Rukban camp

The efforts of the United States in Syria created a refugee camp, which in its structure is more like a concentration camp.

This is stated in the report presented in New York by the Head of the Study of Democracy Foundation, Maxim Grigoriev, at the briefing held with the participation of representatives of more than 20 countries and major international and American media.

The report is based on a survey of more than two hundred Syrians who had to survive in the notorious Rukban camp. They talked about the fact that the armed groups, in particular, Magavir As-Saura, controlled the camp. Moreover, the militants of the Islamic State terrorist organization* were also unhinderedly present in the camp. 

With complete impunity, militants beat and even killed camp residents. Witnesses report many cases of rape and harassment of women and children. One of the respondents said that the gunman was trying to rape her nine-year-old daughter.

At the same time, active propaganda work is going on in the camp. Various printed materials were regularly distributed among residents, saying that immigrants from Rukban in Syria controlled by official Damascus were facing death.

However, death was a much more real threat in the camp itself. The shortage and high cost of drinking water and food led to the fact that even small children were forced to eat once a day. At the same time, rice or lentils have been their food for years. Refugees could get bread only once a month.

The problem in the camp was a catastrophic lack of medication with unsanitary conditions. Residents of Rukban with a medical education said that only because of the lack of medical assistance 20-30 people died every month.

At the same time, the vast majority of respondents accuse the USA of such a situation on the territory of the camp, which together with loyal militants “created an atmosphere of terror, murder, beatings and intimidation in the camp”.

* – Terrorist organization prohibited in the Russian Federation