The US Congress releases Trump’s impeachment resolution

The draft resolution on the impeachment of the US President Donald Trump, prepared by the House Committee on Procedural issues, provides details of the transition of the House committees’ work to the next stage of the investigation.

On October 20, the Committee on Procedural issues of the House of Representatives of the US Congress released the text of a resolution that officially begins the impeachment process of President Donald Trump. This was reported by CNN. The resolution will regulate further public hearings in the President’s impeachment case.

“As a result of the impeachment investigation, a large amount of evidence has been collected, and soon the American people will hear everything in the public domain. The resolution presented by the Committee on procedural issues will ensure this progress”, – the statement of the Heads of the Committees of the House of Representatives who are conducting the investigation said.

The resolution also provides Trump lawyers with the opportunity to participate in the work of the Legal Committee. They will have the opportunity to present their own views of the case, attend hearings, argue their position on the evidence and express objections.

However, if the President “illegally” refuses to cooperate with the Congress, then the Head of the House of Representatives may, at his discretion, reject requests from the President’s lawyers.

Voting for the resolution will take place on October 31.

On September 24, the House of Representatives of the US Congress in connection with the scandal that began after the publication of The Washington Post and The New York Times about Trump’s possible pressure on Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky during the July telephone conversation, announced the start of the official investigation as a part of the impeachment procedure for President Trump.

On September 25, the White House unveiled the transcript of the conversation. It follows that Trump raised the issue of investigating the activities of Hunter Biden in Ukraine, who is the son of Joe Biden, the former US Vice President and Trump’s likely rival in the 2020 presidential election. Zelensky promised Trump that the new Ukrainian prosecutor general would “look at the situation”.

Trump calls the investigation a “witch hunt” and insists that he did not put pressure on Zelensky. The President of Ukraine said that during a telephone conversation he was not “pushed” to anything, and stressed that he did not want to be pulled into the US election campaign.

On September 26, a scout complaint was published, which served as a beginning of the scandal. The document is dated by August 12th. The text of the complaint says that Trump, in conversation with Zelensky, “used the powers of his office”, “exerted pressure” and asked for “interference by a foreign state” in the US presidential election to be held in 2020. According to the informant, the White House tried to hide the transcript of the conversation.