Moldovans demand to dismiss the official connected with Soros from government

The inexperience and lack of professionalism of the pro-Western bloc “ACUM” leader Maya Sandu had consequences. So, people supported the resignation of the Minister of Justice Olesya Stamate.

The corresponding petition appeared last night on the net. Its authors call the unsatisfactory activity of the official. She also noted the lack of necessary qualities. The competition for the position of the Prosecutor General of Moldova which questions the government’s promises to cleanse the government from the corruption component of its predecessors was also criticized,.

“We demand the resignation of Minister of Justice Olesya Stamate, who made many mistakes while taking this position. The lack of a sense of justice, courage and the necessary knowledge is one of the reasons that do not make it worthy of this function”, – the document says. 

Previously, Stamate was a lawyer, headed the Association for Effective and Responsible Management, and also worked in the local branch of the Soros Foundation. At the same time, there is not much detailed information about her work in the public domain.


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