Peace, friendship, trade: Berlin House of Representatives member calls for rapprochement with Russia

Last week, the AfD Parliamentary group in the German Bundestag filed an application for the complete cancel of economic sanctions against Russia.

Gunnar N. Lindemann, the member of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) parliamentary group in the Berlin House of Representatives, commented on this decision.

“I welcome the suggestion of my colleagues and fully support it”, – he said.

The West must finally take note that our Russian neighbors live in a common European home.

“Anyone who wants to ensure peace in Europe on a long-term basis must put an end to the separation policy against Russia”, – Lindemann continues. It is also about strengthening the German economy and jobs.

“It is impossible that the Merkel government puts the US economic and geostrategic interests above German interests”, – Lindemann says.

One example is the Nord Stream 2 peace project.

“The United States wants to deliver its gas to us from ships across the Atlantic and is therefore trying to prevent the construction of this pipeline, which is so important for Germany and Europe. This is completely unacceptable”, – he said.

“We live with our Russian neighbors in common Europe. We have learned from history. We want to shape our future in peace, friendship and trade with each other”, – says Lindemann.

He who does not accept this, whether in Berlin or Washington, does not act in the interests of the European peoples. And certainly not in the interests of Germany.