Labor leader Corbyn pledges support for early UK elections

The leader of the opposition Labor Party of Great Britain, Jeremy Corbyn, said that his party will support early elections in the country.

“I have always said that we are ready for elections and our support depends on whether Brexit without an agreement (between London and Brussels) is removed from the agenda”, –  Corbyn said, as quoted by Sky News on Tuesday.

Corbyn explained that labour’s condition was met  “for the next three months”. The EU and London have agreed to postpone Brexit from 31 October 2019 to 31 January 2020.

Corbyn promised his party would launch “the most ambitious and radical campaign for real change” in the UK.

Despite the fact that the labour leader supported the early elections, he did not specify whether his party will support the bill on holding elections on December 12, which will be introduced on Tuesday by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, BBC News notes.

If labor does vote for the bill proposed by Johnson, it will almost certainly get enough votes to become law.

Johnson has already submitted the initiative for early elections to the parliament three times, all three times she was unable to get the required two-thirds of the votes of the deputies, in particular, because the Labor Party abstained from voting.

After another failure of the initiative on Monday, Johnson said that next time he would not submit the initiative to parliament, but a bill, which would require a simple majority vote. The consideration of this bill will begin on Tuesday at about 13:00 London time.


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