Kiev is ready to officially confirm the fact of Plahotniuc’s escape through Ukraine

The scandalous Moldavian oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc and his accomplice Ilan Shor, after a failed coup attempt, fled the republic through Ukraine, and there are people who are ready to officially confirm this.

This was explained by the ex-head of the sixth department of the General Inspectorate of Police of Moldova Anatoly Macovei on the TVC 21 channel. He said that he has studied at the Kiev Higher Police School, and still maintains ties with his Ukrainian colleagues.

“As you know, in June this year, during the days of the change of the Moldavan leadership, Plahotniuc and Shor left the republic in a hurry. They fled through Ukraine. My colleagues, who now hold positions in the law enforcement structures of Ukraine, have such information. I talked to these colleagues. They agree to provide relevant information, but demand a formal request. I reported this to my leadership, but the Moldovan side did not send a reques”, – said Macovei.

As News Front reported earlier, the Democratic Party of Moldova, led by Plahotniuc, refused to recognize the coalition between the Party of Socialists and the pro-Western bloc “ACUM”, which was formed as a result of the parliamentary elections.

In this regard, the Democratic Party of Moldova began to destabilize the country by launching mass protests. The situation was resolved with the support of Russia, the European Union and the United States, which forced the Democrats to recognize the new government. Since then, Plahotniuc is on the run. The day before, an arrest warrant was issued in Moldova.


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