Great Britain transfers tanks to Estonia

In the coming weeks, 200 units of military equipment and 800 British troops will arrive in Estonia.
The first batch of military equipment arrived in Estonia as part of NATO exercises, including 18 British Challenger tanks. This was reported the day before by the ERR agency.

The first batch of British military equipment, including 18 Challenger tanks, arrived in Estonia in the military camp in Tapa on Monday, October 28, as part of the NATO Tractable exercises, the report said.

A total of 200 units of military equipment and 800 British troops are due to arrive in Estonia over the coming weeks. This equipment has already arrived by sea at the German port of Emden and is currently moving by rail and by road via Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia with a final destination in Estonia.

As noted, they differ from the usual rotation of NATO troops deployed in Estonia in the scale and complexity of the operation. In addition to various training exercises, parachute landing will also be disembarked.

Great Britain leads a 1,200-man NATO battalion stationed in Estonia with heavy military equipment. In addition to British soldiers and officers, the NATO combat group also includes troops from France and Denmark.


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