China overcomes the stage of potential destabilization, the Chinese president claims

China has overcome the stage of potential destabilization or injury, which was revealed by the Chinese President, who unexpectedly made a solid statement contrary to his usual practice of being careful and reasonable following their long rich history.

China overcomes the stage of potential destabilization, the Chinese president claims

“Anyone attempting to split China in any part of the country will end in crushed body and shattered bones”, – the Chinese President Xi Jinping was quoted as saying during his meeting with Nepali Prime Minister Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli, during his visit to Nepal on 13 October 2019.

Keeping to its policy of “Peace and Development”, the state has always been flexible and accomodating on many occasions like the 2017 Doklam incident when Chinese and Indian armies came face to face but China acted in a  diplomatic way and prevented the potential war, which has saved both nations from a big disaster. 

Also China is noted for its tolerant policy aimed at resolving all conflicts through peaceful dialogue according to the UN charter. China is an emerging superpower and is aimed at achieving peace and stability. China is promoting diplomacy, understanding, cultural integration, free and fair trade, globalization and prosperity. 

However, it has been noticed that some mischievous nations are trying to destabilize China and impose separatist movements or agitation and unrest. There is evidence of foreign hands in the case of Hong Kong unrest and the Xinjiang issue. Supplying arms to Taiwan and supporting the Independence of Taiwan is also a challenge to the “One China” policy.

The British have been practicing divide-and-conquer policies to capture colonization over the past two centuries. The Americans followed a similar approach and penetrated the country under the auspices of friendship, diplomacy, democracy, freedom of expression, human rights, help and development, etc., but at the same time they revealed dissatisfied or destitute people in society. They cultivate them and support them, even help them financially, and then, having matured and trained, they exploit them against their own state. The worst part is that they perform this exercise with their friends. “When you have American friends, you may not need enemies”. When they are your obvious friends, they harm you at the same time.

Media war, trade war, visa sanctions, blacklisting of Chinese companies, etc. – all these are means of a hybrid war unleashed against China. China is fully aware of all such threats and still has not taken an open response, thanks to its centuries-old wisdom and deep strategy. China has set development goals and wanted to achieve its goals peacefully. China does not want a confrontation with any nation on any issue until it reaches the final destination set by its “China Dream”.

October 24, 2019 Vice President Mike Pence made a speech at the International Science Center. Woodrow Wilson about the future of US-China relations with China, as both countries are working to resolve their differences over trade. So far, a deal is expected and some understanding has already been reached. But such sentiments expressed by the vice president seem inappropriate, especially at this critical moment when negotiations are underway to improve trade relations between the US and China. While the world has high hopes for ongoing negotiations, negative comments can hurt the negotiations.

China is the second largest economy and is growing rapidly. China’s developing in all dimensions very sustainably. Those who previously called the Chinese economy a “bubble economy” were mistaken and turned out to be wrong. The Chinese economy is based on an abundance of natural resources and a huge workforce. The Chinese mineral sector and agriculture are the foundation of Chinese industrialization. The Chinese workforce is competitive and well trained. Efficient and skilled human resources, as well as local raw materials, have made China more competitive. No other country can compete in China in the manufacturing sector. China’s achievements in education, science, technology and innovation have brought Chin into the field of high technology.

I think that the way forward is only to cooperate with China and join the growth of China and, possibly, the benefits of China’s growth. China believes in peace and promotes peace. Those countries that accept China’s growth and become partners in its development will also benefit. Those who are late for the train may later repent.

In particular, BRI is a mega-initiative of China aimed at promoting networking, infrastructure, people-to-people contacts, trade, business, culture and mutual understanding between different peoples, and, ultimately, promoting world peace, stability and prosperity. Those who understand China are joining BRI, and some countries are already enjoying the benefits of BRI. Pakistan is the largest beneficiary of BRI initiatives and operates the flagship China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project. Those who do not understand China, or are envious of its achievements and development and try to compete with China, or try to oppose China, or restrict China, or restrain China, are mistaken and will be mistaken. China has already crossed that threshold and has already become a geopolitical power. The world must realize the potential of China and recognize the role of China in the global “peace, stability and prosperity”.

The remarks of the President of China in Nepal on protecting his territorial integrity should be taken seriously. This is not a tweet that can be flipped. This message is from a serious, mature and strong leader.


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