Balkan Islamization: how local media tried to make the news downplaying the problem

Talking about the spread of radical Islam in Serbia, the Balkan mass media hardly create any news, moreover significantly downplaying the number of Wahhabis and the danger they carry.

On Tuesday, October 29, an employee of the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Belgrade Milan Vukelic, reported this in a comment by the Serbian editorial office of News Front.

“The media wrote that thousands of Wahhabis can be in Serbia, and several dozen of them are considered dangerous extremists. The question is: how is it possible that out of a thousand Wahhabis – in fact there are even more of them – only a dozen are dangerous”, – the Serbian expert on religion and Islamic fundamentalism asks.

He recalled that “perverted Islam” began to spread in the Balkans at the end of the last century.

“With the beginning of the war in Bosnia in 1992, militants who fought in Afghanistan against the USSR began to arrive in this country to help Bosnian Muslims. Radical movements are common in all territories with a Muslim population, but they are most likely to spread in the southern Serbian region – in Kosovo and Metohija. The danger extends to the south of Central Serbia, to the areas of Presevo, Buyanovac and Medveja. Also, some immigrants from the region of Raska adopted Wahhabism during the Bosnian war and have been engaged in its dissemination since then”, – said Vukelic.