Washington has robbed Damascus for years – how the Syrian oil smuggling scheme works

$ 30 million is the monthly income of the US intelligence agencies and private military companies cooperating with them from illegally developing Syrian oil fields.

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced the results of space reconnaissance, which clearly demonstrate that, hiding behind the “protection” of fields from militants of the Islamic state*, the United States for years produced oil and exported it outside the Arab Republic. This happened at the height of the confrontation with the Islamists, and even after their main forces in the Saevfrat were defeated.

It is noteworthy that official Washington imposed sanctions on Syrian oil. Its deliveries were banned even by American companies. But under the control of the Pentagon and various PMCs, oil was smuggled out of Syria. If someone tried to attack the convoy, even American aviation was involved in his defense.

The defense department notes that even the equipment involved in this scheme is provided with bypassing sanctions by large Western corporations. At the same time, income through loyal brokerage companies is distributed between the accounts of American special services and PMCs.

“Given that the cost of one barrel of Syrian smuggled oil is $ 38, the monthly revenue of this” private business “of US public services exceeds $ 30 million”, – the Ministry of Defense said.

* – prohibited in the Russian Federation


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