US ready to sacrifice Poles in war with Russia in exchange for “consolation prize”

American military analysts are well aware that the Baltic countries cannot be saved in the event of an armed clash with Russia, because they believe that it will be much more efficient to send the Poles to the Kaliningrad region.

This is stated in the report of the Jamestown Foundation entitled “How to protect the Baltic countries.”

Experts argue that Russia could well go on the offensive in connection with provocative pressure in the republics on the Russian population. Moreover, based on the report, the US understands that in the event of such a blitzkrieg, NATO will not be able to protect countries. That is why analysts offer the Poles to “sacrifice themselves” for the sake of attacking the Kaliningrad region, calling it “an element with fundamental significance.”

“The capture of this region will ensure the destruction of Russian countermeasures deployed here, including the Iskander missile, S-400 air defense system and the Bastion,” experts explain, noting that only in this case the forces of the North Atlantic Alliance will be able to go to the Baltic states and only Polish forces located nearby can be involved in this mission.

According to the report of the Jamestown Foundation, later the Kaliningrad region will be given to Warsaw. This step is called “reasonable” there, because Poland will sacrifice the lives of its soldiers. It is noteworthy that the document, which is now being distributed by the Polish media, only casually mentions the fact that Russia can deliver a tactical nuclear strike if it attacks its exclave.


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