The United States prognose the next steps of Putin and Assad

The US military presence in Syria prevented the settlement of the conflict by the scenario according to which the entire territory of the Arab Republic would return under the control of official Damascus. Now this obstacle has actually been eliminated.

This statement was made by the expert of the American Council on Foreign Relations, Henry Burney.

According to him, Turkey, having announced the offensive, seriously contributed to Russia’s plans in this direction. Now Moscow does not interfere with the implementation of its plan for a Syrian settlement, Berney emphasizes.

“He [Vladimir Putin] was not able to carry it out during the presence of the United States [in Syria]. Thus, Turkey actually played along with him”, – the expert notes.

He is confident that the next step of the Presidents of Russia and Syria will be the liberation of Idlib province – the last major stronghold of terrorist groups in the territory of the Arab Republic. As for Turkey, in the end it will have to leave Syria, said Henry Burney.

“Russia has won a really big victory”, – he stated.